Pujyashree Satsang at Andheri Sports Complex

Following GNC Day (1st May), MHTs from Mumbai were fortunate to get Pujyashree's Satsang on 2nd and 3rd May. Lot of MHTs and Mumukshus from nearby area visited Andheri Sports Complex. Strong participation was seen from Hindibhasi MHTs during Q&A session. Stalls from VCD, Murti and eWorld were buzzing with activities during and after Satsang. With grace from Dadabhagwan and Niruma, large number of Sevarthis (400+) ensured that event was executed smoothly without any hindrances.

00-andheri -2014


01-andheri -2014

Gnanvidhi was conducted on 4th of May. 1400 people took gnan out of which 500 were hindi bhashi. Gnanvidhi was conducted in Hindi which was a unique opportunity for attendees in Mumbai.


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